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Welding in general represents a big part of your core business. 

  • 20 welding robots are at your disposal 

  • All robots are managed by offline programming. 

  • The different welding robot configuration such as: 

    • Fixed mono-robots. ​

    • Mono-robots movable on a 6 m rail 

    • Fixed twin-robots 

    • Twin-robots movable on a 13 m rail 

Our robots make it possible to weld all kinds of different parts and structures on a flexible and economical way. By this automation and up to date machinery we can compete with low wage countries. 



This special technology in metal construction request a lot of know how and experience. We have the capacity to bend square, rectangular and round tubes, open and closed special profiles, in 2D and 3D, with or without a controlled dent (deformation) in the inside radius. 

The normal inside bending radios is 2,5 the diameter (height) of the tube but we are able to bend tubes with 1,5 x the diameter (height). 



We can offer a wide range of different presswork & lasercutting. As there are: 

  • hand presswork for small series with press capacity from 10 to 125 tons. 

  • deep-prawn parts with press power up to 200 tons. 

  • automatic pressed parts from coil with a maximum section of 500 x 5 mm. 

  • lasercutting 

    • Tube dia. 12 - 140 of square 12 - 120 mm. 

    • Sheet 3000*1500*15 mm

In total there are 20 presses at your disposal. 



Due to our knowledge of sheetmetal parts and our modern machinery we can support your design process from the beginning. This makes sure you'll get the best solution and realization of your sheetmetal product even if it is in steel, stainless steel or aluminium. By assembling these products we can offer an extra service in added value. Our machinery: 

  • 5 axles controlled CNC press brakes up to 3000 mm for sheet bending 
    (85 to 130 ton) 

  • CNC scissor for sheetcutting (3000*6 mm) 

  • Lasercutting (3000*1500*15 mm) 



One of the last financial investments was a CNC milling centre. Herewith we are able to handle parts up to 500*3000 mmm. Because of it's high translation speed in combination with a high speed spindle, it is the best way to produce plastic protection parts. (e.g. to protect your products during transport). For small parts we can operate in a pendulum work cycle (non stop machining) to avoid tool changes. 



Haesevoets nv offers solutions to your material handling problems or optimises your existing products. With more than 35 years experience in developing and manufacturing metal racks and constructions we know how to deal with your questions. 

We are in the possibility to develop new products on 3D CAD systems (Solid Works).
Due to our experience and knowledge of materials we can offer you an optimal solution for packaging for your special parts.

To make a new development there are two options.



Starting from cad files of parts, we can design packaging around it.
Each development can be completed with 2D & 3D drawings. After that, prototypes and serial products can be manufactured according to the CAD design. Also direct communication over a server, between the customers CAD system and ours is possible. 


Physical Parts
If we can be provided with a physical part. We have very educated employees, which can build prototypes according to your demands related to this part. CAD drawings can be made afterwards according to this prototype. 

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