3D Tubending (2017)

We've increased our bending facilities by a 3D tubebender with stacking position for 3 different tools, combined with variable radius beding. And this up to a section of 80-2 mm with a length of 6 m. Square and rectangular sections are also possible when umscribed by a circle of 80 mm.


Sheet Laser (2012)

Up dating our machinery is a must to assure the production and delivery of improved products on our customers. Therefore we've invested in a sheet laser with cutting capacity upto  20 mm (staal) 12 mm (RVS) en 8 mm (aluminium).

Weldingrobots (2011)


Automation is the policy in our company from day one. By the intvestment in 3 new stand-alone welding robots and a 4th with 2 integrated productmanipulation units, this strategy is emphasised once more.  

This investment is an up-date of our current machinery and will makes it possible to produce with a higher internal flexibility which will result in shorter deliverytime.


Tube laser LT 722 (2009)

The investment in a tube laser is a new step forward in our stratagie to produce your parts on the most economical way due to a high level of automation. We'll add a new dimension in our production capabillities and services. This results in enormously more new solutions to solve potential design and structural difficulties. By linking tube laser technologie on our current capacities we'll lift your product to a higher qualitylevel. Click here for some impressions  (Picture 1   Picture 2)